Semi-Pittsburgh Grilled TBone with Applewood Chips: **** The Arteries !

In Publix a few days back, I stopped by the charcoal. I spotted a bag of wood chips that were Applewood ! I grabbed a bag and looked at the label... It was half-french and half english.. (copeaux a fumer) I Think that correlates to smokin chips.. It was made in USA, Colorado, so I threw em in the cart for two dollars and a half. (Earth's Finest Grilling Products--brand)

Well, last night the wife went out with her family. I pulled a pretty TBone out of the freezer around 4:30 pm. I intended to cook it part-frozen so I wouldn't overcook & dry it out. After a couple hours it was still pretty hard. I applied pepper and Penzeys Spices' Prime Rib Rub. I coated the steak in olive oil and got the charcoal really hot. Once the coals were all lit, I used an old hair dryer to blow all the ash off them and clean out the Weber pan. The grate went on and I threw on the steak a few minutes later.
I added about ten little chips of the applewood, and saved a half a handful in my pocket. No soak.

In the house I had steamed a package of chopped spinach and browned some flour in butter. I added a handful of diced onion to this mix and took it off the heat. When the steak was turned, I added the drained spinach and mixed it up well.. I folded in a tablespoon of sour creme and left it on a warm burner.

The steak was cooked, lid-on the Weber. First side maybe four minutes. Turned and oriented toward the hot spot on the grill and cooked maybe four more minutes.. (Tossed in the rest of the Applewood chips and covered the grill.)

I love the smell of hickory. I really loved the smell of Applewood.. more subtle, less harsh than hick.. It is great on bacon, so I gave it a try.. If you grill, you gotta try Applewood chips.. OMG ! They are brand new to this area.. Sorry if you already have em in your area...

The steak was really rare and cool in the center. Dark-grilled on the outside. Butter-tender even though it was a Publix cut frozen for a month. the Applewood and Penzey rib rub did a perfect job with flavor.. The creamed spinach complimented the beef..

Sorry I didn't take pictures of the steak.. I was busy with that nuclear-hot grill.. This is the bag of chips..
I have only a small piece of the steak left.. I will eat that next to slices of sharp white cheddar today, and finish off my carotid arteries..
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