Oct 1: The Seascape of the Northern Florida Reef Tract

Dear Friend, The HHSFSSC’s next seminar, “The Seascape of the Northern Florida Reef Tract” is on Oct 1, 7 PM at Shenanigans East Side Pub, 1300 S Federal Highway, Dania, FL 33004 (just North of Sheridan St and Federal). Dr. Brian Walker and Ms. Amanda Costaregni from Nova SE U Oceanographic Center will be speaking about the new Our Florida Reef (OFR) Marine Planner software, showing us awesome maps of the ocean bottom offshore of SE FL, and getting our feedback for an Our Florida Reef survey about reef use. Besides all of the good food and people, this will be a very informative meeting with the experts who mapped the characteristics of the ocean bottom and our making these results available to all, and I hope U can make it. To learn more and to join this FREE club, please see


cheers, O
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