Cracked mounting foot on trim motor

rehartlinerehartline Posts: 742 Officer
Found this when I was washing the boat. The mounting ear of the trim motor is cracked. I pulled the mounting screw and it is not cracked all the way through to the mounting hole. Can I do something to repair and stop the crack from getting any worse or at least stop the rusting? Just curious if anyone has seen anything like this before. It's a 115 Yamaha.

EDIT: On further inspection I found the mounting tab directly behind this, closest to the transom, is cracked out much worse. It is broken through to the mounting hole. The manual I have shows that an O-ring seals the motor itself so as long as the mounting feet stay intact I should be ok. I suppose putting sealant on them would be a good idea to keep the screws from corroding.

Any ideas what causes this to happen?

Thanks in advance.



  • screamin seamanscreamin seaman Posts: 1,492 Officer
    Not sure what the rust Is coming from but looks like either the bolt was over tightened or just from old age. Leave it be.

    The bigger problem is the pitting on the trim ram. Your seals will be leaking very soon!
  • rehartlinerehartline Posts: 742 Officer
    I cleaned everything up and put some sealant in the cracks. The trim ram was just dirty. It cleaned up to a nice shine and looks good. Thanks for the heads up.
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