Great trip; doplhin/weehoo/tuna

Had a great trip with my dad this weekend.... tuna, dolphin, and weehoo all on dead finger mullet :!:

Didnt take any pictures, but we picked off 18 dolphin and a tiny wahoo off a tiny piece of bamboo in 1100'. All we had for bait was some finger mullet i had netted off the beach (dead and frozen). 4/0 live bait hook through the nose and then skipping them across the surface :) Then we spied some tuna busting, so we dragged same mullet skipping behind the boat. Bam, big skip jack, then BAM dad gets taken to the gunnel. Tuna spooled a big fin-nor spinner with 80 lb braid before breaking off :x . Would have had to have been a monster blackfin or pretty decent yellowfin

this was on the way out to make swordfish drops. Didnt get tight on a sword, but we had several good bites

wind is starting to pick up, I have a feeling Im done fishing for a little while


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