Hey Guys, After recovering from Guillain-Barré syndrome last year my best friend and fellow forum brother BlueH20Fisherman Todd Anderson who is the person I thank in my fishing reports when I say "thanks to God and Todd" I can't ever repay him for his hospitality over the years so maybe I can help rename his boat! We are currently trying to revive the beast a 26 ft Campion, a great lakes Canadian built boat as it has been sitting the last two years in Lanark and since I have the honors of doing most of the recovery. I asked him if we were going to rename her. We'll just say he's a new man recovered from a horrible illness he is remarried to a wonderful lady named Genia and is a bonds man and bounty hunter, He spends a lot of time with law enforcement friends and at the jail bonding people out. he is open for anything will make you laugh like nothing else and is the most genuine person you'll ever meet. So give it a go and help us out!!

He is the man responsible for turning Celeste and me into offshore junkies and we have such great memories fishing with him. The boat will be heading to Lake Lanier for a brief time (we hope) and then will return back to Lanark in a year to get back out to blue water! :fishing


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