Big Redfish and lots of them! Withlacoochee 9/21

cthurowcthurow Withlacoochee to Cedar KeyPosts: 503 Officer
Got up early to welcome in the first weekend Sunday of cool air! Got into Inglis at 7:00AM and stopped in at Captains Cove for some pinnies and shrimp. We already had cut ladyfish and our Zara Spooks were rigged and ready to throw. Launched at Hwy 40 and the wind was a little brisker than reported so our run north had a little spray.

Tide was dead low so we played around on the flats for about an hour....not much at all. Water needs to cool down some more. Looked like we had enough water so we went to our spot for the target fish" Reds!

Found the tide and wind moving in the same direction (for a change) and we set anchor. Drew's first cast with his Zara Spook and on! Nice drag screamer. I already had a piece of lady fish rig on a larger rod so I went ahead and threw it out while Drew played his fish. As soon as I netted Drew's 26" red he yells....Dad that rod is bowed to the water!! We thought we had lucked into a big cobia the way that bad boy took off. Getting it to the boat we had a HOG 32" red. This bruisers head was as wide as my chest!!

After that we got another 24" a 30" and a 22". A few rats thrown in and the good part: We left them chewin!
Could've easily caught a bunch more but we kept three. Ran out to the flats again for a quick second try...picked up some small trout and a couple of blues.

Fantastic half day in Big Bend!!


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