First time to Sanibel.

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My wife, and Mother in law and I went to Sanibel for the week. Like most of my vacations the weather was off a bit, but we had a good week off. Sat and Sun, the water was insane rough, and very muddy. Monday I fished Blind pass, the water was a little better and I got my first Sanibel Snook. It rained all day Wednesday and Friday. Sight fishing was a bust all week, due to the muddy water, it cleared some Monday, and Tuesday but not enough. I ended the week with 5 Snook, 2 Trout, and 1 Tarpon. I jumped 4 other Tarpon and the one I caught plus 2 of the Snook at Ding Darling. I had a big Snook try to eat one of the Trout as I pulled it in, kinda cool.


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    Great job! Sanibel is sweet!
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    Awesome!!! What flies were you using?
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    Super D, well done, Snook are an awesome fish. i would like to have seen the one that tried to eat your trout. I will heading back down in October and the hopefully the Baby tarpon will still be around in Ding Darling. i have charter set up so hopefully I will be able to find one.

    That one picture of the rough water i something I hope not to see during my visit.
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    VVV, I used two flies, a variation of a Schminnow, and my mullet fly, both on 2/0 hooks. I tied up a flashy fly using EP sparkle brush for the body. 2 beach Snook ate the flashy fly, as did the Tarpon I jumped and the Trout. 1 beach Snook ate the Mullet fly. Caught 2 Snook and the tarpon I caught on a Super fluke in Ding Darling.
    Tgrass, I talked to a very nice man at Norm zeiglers fly shop, I feel bad I forgot his name, but he fishes 300 days a year and had some great info to share. He told me the SE winds blow the bait away, and the fish go with them. I wish I got back in to thank him for his help.
    That picture of the water was one of the good days.
    Top fly is the Schminnow, bottom is my Mullet fly.
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    Nice shots!
    Capt. Jon Bull
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    Way to go Buddy!!!

    Looking at photo number three that looks like a new setup for you!!!!
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    redjim wrote: »
    Way to go Buddy!!!

    Looking at photo number three that looks like a new setup for you!!!!

    LOL, I have two of them, Red bone nine weights with super duper high dollar reels, ($35.00) All of my Tarpon over 15 pounds have been caught on them. Biggest being the one I caught in May, pushing 100 pounds. I have a 10# sinking line on one, and a 10# floater on one.
    I had both in the boat when I met you last year. I need to warranty the rod, if you look hard, you can see the clear duct tape on the grip.
    where the grip is coming loose. Gotta love life time warranty. My newest reel is in picture #2, super super super high dollar at $65.00 LOL.
    I have had to fix both of the black reels one time each in the ten years or so I have had them, a friend of mine has had his popular high dollar reel in the shop three time in the last year. So far I have not lost a fish due to reel, rod failure.
  • redjimredjim Posts: 774 Officer
    Sounds like you are getting the most out of your gear!!!

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    Hard to beat a Schminnow. Nicely done!!!
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