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JwattJwatt Posts: 101 Officer
I have a 83 17' pro line CC. Placard says it rated to 90HP. I'm considering repowering with a newer yamaha 115. It currently has a yamaha 70. Is the 90HP rating due to the weight of older outboards or the actual thrust exerted on the transom based on the give HP? I don't really want to repower and only gain 20HP. So if I can't go to a 115 or 120, etc. what could I do to the 70 to get a little more power from it?

Current 70 runs fine but it is an '86.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


  • FS DanFS Dan Posts: 2,347 Moderator
    Its not about what the placard says is max hp. You can always put on what you want. The problem comes from external factors.
    You will not be able to find insurance if you overpower. You will also start with an assumed level of responsibility in case of an accident.

    Smaller vessels are more susceptible to weight distribution. The heavier outboard may put thru hulls underwater. These thru hulls may not have their hoses run to prevent a siphon and deck drains may not evacuate water from the deck. You also need to determine how much weight will be added by going to the 115. Try standing at the rear of the boat and add the additional weight of the new motor. See what it does to your waterline. check for real world situations, (you need help landing that big tarpon, you and fishing buddy both on one side of the boat).

    I believe that there are a couple places that make performance parts for yamaha's. Hydrotech comes to mind. You may be able to pump out more performance from you current setup, maintain your current weight distribution and save some money, all at once.

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  • JwattJwatt Posts: 101 Officer
    Hey I appreciate the feedback and the advice I'll definitely check out Hydrotech. What kind of parts when I get the most bang for my buck?
  • FS DanFS Dan Posts: 2,347 Moderator
    probably heads and reeds but check them out. They have tested kits. It is better to have all the upgrades work together, than to have a piece here and a piece there.

    Formerly Catmandew
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