Big Snook on the Indian River 9-14-2014

My buddy Joel and I started our morning at the beach near Sebastian Inlet, but decided to hit the river after seeing the snotty surf. Decided to play it safe and hit the Indian River and keep from getting clobbered in the ocean. Fishing was slow starting at 7:30 with some small Trout bites, a 17” Red for Joel, and a rat Red and Flounder for me. Water was very muddy as it usually is back there. Took a break out near Pelican Island, when on the way back to our launch point, my live bait rod starts screaming. He immediately starts yelling shark. We were pleasantly surprised as this is my biggest Snook yet from a kayak which measured 37". Enjoy the video and lets have a moment of a silence for Joel, whose iPhone got donated to the river just after taking pics of my fish...OUCH!

[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] Air Force Veteran 93'-00' ~621st TALCE~

2017 & 2014 Hobie Pro Angler 12’s


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