E-TEC G2 Global Launch I was selected to one of (5) to do test ride at Tampa Show

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BRP decided to use the Tampa Boat Show to feature their new E-TEC G2 outboard motors.
Five existing Florida E-TEC owners from the ENATION forum were chosen to be the first to test ride a boat powered with a 300 HP E-TEC G2 mounted on a 24ft. bay boat. We had a chance to see and try all the innovations that are part of the G2 series of motor. And welcome our comments positive or negative
Before I start, I want to make it clear that this is an unbiased review, as I run two other boats: a CAT with twin 90HP Suzuki’s and a 14ft. skiff with a 25HP Suzuki Twin V. The 2012 175HP E-TEC is on a 20ft. Trophy center console offshore hull.
We met at 8:30 at the yacht basin, 1 1/2 hours before the boat show opened at 10:00AM. Linda Baehring and the other BRP staff members gave us a briefing on some of the innovations we were about to see during the reveal. Two of the E-TEC owners were:
Larry Witkowski, Florida Sportsman Moderator, SW region, Cape Coral, FL
Cpt. Henry Hauch, Acme Ventures Fishing, Cape Canaveral, FL

New to the G2 is a 2 gallon motor oil reserve tank right on the power head, with the option of a satellite 3 gallon tank elsewhere on the boat if desired.
The motor mounting is another neat and unique design: Dual Axis Rigging System only one flexible rigging tube from boat to the motor . No steering arm or mechanism to be seen, nothing. It is all hidden inside the mounting bracket. The whole control is fly by wire.
The G2 has 15% better fuel economy, lower emissions than any other motor, lower oil usage: all to provide better economy.

We were split into two groups for the test ride.
At first glance, the motor does make a bold statement with regards to its engine cowling: sharp lines and color options.
We were shown that the side colored panel on each side, once removed, allows quick and easy access to a fuel filter and the spark plugs for inspection or replacement as needed.
The new cowling design is for added function and appearance

Now for the on the water…..
The idle for the G2 and my G1 E-TEC is a slow 500 RPM which makes it so easy to dock or maneuver in close quarters.
As we idle through the no wake zone the captain gives us an explanation of the new features innovative features that will be demonstrated when we will be in open water.
The captain looks around and tells everyone to hold on, I repeat, really hold on!
The boat jumps on plane in a heartbeat or two, and in no time, we are at 48 MPH. By the way, my sunglasses are somewhere in Tampa Bay!
Once on plane at a cruising speed of 29 to 30 MPH, it was using 7.7 to 8.6 .GPH and then the i-Trim can be activated. It has a sensor that monitors speed and boat angle and automatically adjusts the motor trim to maintain RPM and fuel usage.
Once auto I-Trim is activated, when running into shallow water it monitors the depth finder and will adjust the motor trim to a point of cavitation so as not to damage the lower unit or prop.
On the 175 E-TEC that I have, with I Command there is a round, 3.5 inch digital B/W screen that works great. I can add or change pages, in analog or digital format for RPM, GPH, hour, MPG, temp, GPS location and on and on.

Well, the G2 screen is a whole new world. All color touch screen that has all of the above and more. It has its own proprietary network or it can use NEMA 2000 Network that you may already have on your boat, as I understand.

This motor had a 19 pitch 3 blade Rebel prop. A new line of props is in the design and testing stage to take advantage of the new lower unit design.
A question came up about the (5) year no dealer required maintenance and lower unit lube checking for a seal leak, like if get some fishing line wrapped around the prop shaft. The new motor has a sight tube to check on the color of the lower unit lube to check for discoloration from water intrusion. No more dripping oil and topping it off if too much runs out.
Currently, the G2 is only for 200HP to 300HP and will be in production this fall. As far as 175HP and lower HP motors, that is in development with no time line.
As to price, the answer was: “Very competitive.”
If you get a chance to go for a test ride go for it.
We were interviewed for comments and suggestions.



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    Thanks for the report. That certainly is a radically changed cowling from the old white rounded bubbles. Looks very modern.
  • probate-rprobate-r Posts: 338 Deckhand
    Thanks for the report! I have been waiting to hear some first person reports on the engine, as I am hoping to repower a boat in the next 12 months and these seem very interesting to me.

    Tight lines!
    Intrepid 370 - "My Favorite"
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