Yamaha 130 stalls

Matt1340Matt1340 Posts: 122 Deckhand
So after solving the start up issues in my last thread, the next trip out I find myself running into yet another issue.

My engine ran fine running out to my spot but when I started to head in the engine would stall when put into gear (above 1200 rpm's) the engine idles fine. Spark plugs were replaced 3-4 months ago and I got my carb rebuilt 3-4 months ago and have ran the engine every other week since then. When I got home I emptied out my fuel-water separator and ran the engine flawless at about 2000 rpm's.

What could be my issue?

And yes the impeller is working.


  • SwizzleSwizzle Posts: 534 Officer
    Tons of things. Fuel vent, carb obstruction, fuel pump(s), lose hose.
  • captnick50captnick50 Posts: 121 Officer
    Test compression I get those in the shop all the time customers think the carbs need rebuild. but what ends up happening is the heads corrode and a little hole devlopes in them and shoot a little water in the cylinder. Might be it might not be. But its an easy check and its good to know that your putting money in a motor thats worth it.
  • Skeeter08Skeeter08 Posts: 175 Officer
    mine was fuel pickup tube, it had a bend in it allowing the engine to run at low RPM but as soon as advance the throttle in died from lack of fuel. It was a simple fix and easy to check, I alos heard you can try popping the fuel cap to eliminate fuel vent issues.
  • SCFD rtrd.SCFD rtrd. Posts: 1,382 Officer
    Did you ever replace the anti-siphon valve on top of the fuel tank? It's just a small spring loaded valve and they can get clogged with stuff from the tank, thus slowing the fuel flow.
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