Custom bow cushions and lounge on 22-24 foot bay boat

leel33mlleel33ml Posts: 143 Deckhand
Okay so me and my wife are in a predicament. I'm a hardcore fisherman. Shes a pleasure cruise and relax kind of person. We currently have a 17 foot bay boat with not much to offer in the comfort area. We use it 50% for fishing 50% for cruising. I'm in the process of selling the boat and upgrading to a larger 22-24 foot bay boat. The big issue we're having when looking at boats is the comfort/seating issues. She wants a comfortable front area and I of course want a boat I can fish out of. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with having custom bow cushions made. How much approximately would I be spending. And any recommendations on someone who can do the work?

I have this in mind. Any idea how realistic this would be to have custom made for a bay boat?


  • minowjoeminowjoe Posts: 717 Officer
    have you thought about a layout similar to this? Theres a few different manufacturers that have models similar and most draft 12"-14"
  • minowjoeminowjoe Posts: 717 Officer
    heres a key west.
  • leel33mlleel33ml Posts: 143 Deckhand
    Oh wow that look absolutely perfect for our needs. The only thing is I was hoping to get a boat capable of using a trolling motor and fishing inshore.. That appears to be more of an offshore boat? Either way I might compromise and get a 2nd cheaper flats style boat. What is the model of that boat?
  • minowjoeminowjoe Posts: 717 Officer
    the key west is a 239 fs and the sportsman is a heritage 231

    With a 60" shaft you might be able to do a trolling motor.
  • minowjoeminowjoe Posts: 717 Officer
    Sea hunt can do them too
  • Bruce FBruce F Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    I had some made for my 24 Pathfinder. 3 pieces that cover the whole front casting deck. Used them twice since getting the boat back in Febuary.
  • Bruce FBruce F Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    Didn't do the backrest.
  • jeffjonesjeffjones Posts: 99 Greenhorn
    SH bx22br with full bow cushions, used them 2 times so far..
    great for cruise only days, but even then they can be a pain...
    wife loves them, but I'm the one that has to unsnap and resnap them after anchoring and if you want to use rod lockers its the same thing..
    don't forget to snap them down and they do fly off at speed!!!

    then there is storing them, they are big and take up alot of inside storage space.

    but with everything its a compromise, happy wife = happy life
  • Catch-N-RunCatch-N-Run Posts: 178 Officer
    I have a guy that i always recommend to everyone on the forum and he has great reviews by those on the forum who have gone to him. If you are interested send me a pm so i can give you his number. By the way he is located in Miami.
  • dwyermwdwyermw Posts: 336 Deckhand
    I simply use a roll up rubber float "lounge" for my swimming pool. My wife lays on it,reads, naps - I simply roll it up, bungy strap around it and off we go.! Skeeter '24 bay.
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  • SpinfisherSpinfisher Posts: 756 Officer
    Get a Hatteras 65
  • SouthshoreSlayerSouthshoreSlayer Posts: 408 Deckhand
    I just bought a 2003 Sea Pro SV 2100 and it came with a full bow cushion set. They are off for fishing but when we go cruising they snap on in minutes.
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