Need some advice on a 1986 Wahoo

davidgiddavidgid Posts: 250 Deckhand
I live in Tennessee and need some advice on buying a boat. I have never owned a boat and I don't know what I don't know.

I found this on craigslist. He is asking $4500. I went and took a look today and took a bunch of pictures of it.

I see that NADA has the boat listed as being worth under 2k.

Are the NADA prices realistic? What kind of questions should I be asking the owner? He did say that motor has never been in the salt water.


  • MelbourneMarkMelbourneMark Posts: 1,966 Captain
    Definately take it for a test drive if your interested. My personal opinion is that the price is a little steep. The steel trailer, age of motor, outdated electronics, age of hull; all make me base the price that I would be willing to pay for on the value of the hull.
  • dtobiasdtobias Posts: 733 Officer
    Also seems a bit steep to me. You should be asking how many hours are on the motor? You should be asking about the batteries, the electronics, the wiring, the lights, axle, bearings and hubs on trailer. You should also make sure the floor is solid throughout- no soft spots and that goes for the outer hull too. Also, the transom should be closely inspected to make sure it is not waterlogged or compromised in any way. Don't just fall in love with the idea of owning a boat- make sure this is the right one for you and how you intend to use it. Compare it to others available in your local market. Bid low- you can always come up in price. That being said, good luck.
  • davidgiddavidgid Posts: 250 Deckhand
    Thanks guys, I think you are right. The price is way too high. I do have some concerns about the age of the motor. I also have some concerns that a 75 HP motor might not be enough to get on top of the water. It originally came with a 150.
  • MelbourneMarkMelbourneMark Posts: 1,966 Captain
    Do not let craigslist prices fool you either. I have bought/sold numerous boats and a few vehicles on there. From my experience the asking price is very negotiable.
    If you like the boat, test ride it, and offer $2500. Im willing to bet that the guy will not be able to sell the boat for more than 3K. That is just my experience with boats in Florida. Perhaps in other states they cost more or hold their value. In Florida we have plenty of boats to choose from.
    Good luck with your search.
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