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Tubing on Lake Sylvia?

Just wasted the last 45 min because i know this has been asked and answered a thousand times but the search doesn't seem to be working well...imagine that.

Can I safely take small kids to Lake Sylvia and pull them around on a tube? Is it legal, is it safe? I come out of the New River...other options?



  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    you have a great place to tube and hang out just south of the dania bridge past the charter guys and good deep water. make sure you dont carry your wake up past the Sea legs docks though. the Lake Sylvia area just has too many boats in there to do that anymore. take the time to see on a chart and on your depth finder while people are getting ready to see for yourself you have plenty of water. have fun..
  • H00kedupH00kedup Posts: 53 Deckhand
    Is legal to do so if you boat is under 20’ or something and single engine. Lake Sylia can be crowded on the weekends. The anchored sailboats in the middle make you run close to seawall and pilings (not good!) Also on the falling tide it rips under the bridges on the west side. I had one of my kids fall off and had to whip around quick to get him out of the current
  • Al BundyAl Bundy Posts: 257 Deckhand
    thanks, how about the middle river just north of Sunrise Key, south of the bridge?
  • locoloco Posts: 1,294 Officer
    Al Bundy wrote: »
    thanks, how about the middle river just north of Sunrise Key, south of the bridge?

    Yup, you are good in Middle river off the ICW. You will see signs that <21' single engine boats engaged in "Waterski type activities" are limited to 35mph.
  • Al BundyAl Bundy Posts: 257 Deckhand
    Yeah, friend of a friend is water police and it seems anywhere on the inside is <21 ft so I'm forced to go off of the beach. thanks for the help.
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