Crystal River Grouper Digging 8/28

Went out with a buddy of mine today to do a little grouper fishing while he was in town. We left twin rivers after picking up some live pins and a box of spanish sardines. We left the dock and headed out knowing full well what could be waiting for us out there. We stopped at a shallower spot and saw that the water was clean so we stayed there. First drops down and all we were hooking up with was lady fish, grunts, and some small grouper. Moved over another 75 yards and found what we were looking for. For several hours, as soon as the bait hit the bottom it was getting eaten. Sometimes it would get hit about 4' from the bottom and you'd have to slam the reel down and go. At 9:30 we had our limit for the 2 of us. We still had a bunch of bait left so we just said the bite was hot, let's keep going. So we kept on fishing. We lost about 6-7 fish that broke the leader but not on structure. Had to have been some reallllly nice fish. We lost count of how many fish we caught throughout the day, but we left the spot at about 11:15 after we ran out of bait. The grouper stopped biting after the tide went slack so we wasted the last couple of cigar minnows on grunts and a couple small fish. The red tide hasn't come as far in as most of you may think. I don't know where we were in relation to it, but we didn't see ANY floating fish, no smell, nothing. Fish shallower than you think, it's pushed all the fish in. We only caught 2 keeper gags today, the rest were reds. Biggest fish was a 27" red at 11.5 pounds. They're out there, and verrrrry hungry. Good luck guys! Hopefully this red tide clears up and everyone can get back to normal. Going back out to do it again tomorrow!


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