Tarpon Insanity 2

Haven't been able to find time to post between, fishing, work, editing, and now school. I'll just say it was one hell of a summer. We've been fishing the beaches early morning and late afternoon for tarpon. Mainly from kayaks and paddleboards but some days its easier to catch them from the beach. The tarpon have been crushing bait pods from Vero Beach to South Patrick. Pogies, pilchards, glass minnows, and now mullet have been schooling just outside the breakers. We've been hooking kingfish, tarpon, bonita, redfish, snook, and sharks a stones throw from the beach. We like to use Yozuri Flouro leader from 40-70lbs and Owner Mutu Light circle hooks from 4/0-6/0. Steel stinger rigs help if you want to target the kingfish. Check out the new tarpon insanity video and tell us what you think.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng_UguBwD_w Make sure to watch in 1080HD it makes a difference.


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