Anybody throw their net this style?

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  • spearhead@eyelivetofi5h[email protected] Posts: 148 Officer
    No lol I think that tossing your net that high in the air would only scare or spook the bait.
  • aquaholikaquaholik Posts: 331 Deckhand
    I wonder how much the net weigh? He definitely wins the distance contest. I can't even throw a banana that far!
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    Ouch, my shoulder hurts watching that.
  • stpetebaitmanstpetebaitman Posts: 897 Officer
    holy crap, this dude would kill the mullet!
  • Catch-N-RunCatch-N-Run Posts: 178 Officer
    good throw, i hope he is faster in setting up everytime he throws lol
  • aquaholikaquaholik Posts: 331 Deckhand
    In some of the videos, they throw it 20ft off the jetty. The handline looks pretty small so the net is probably not that heavy. But it is an impressive throw regardless.

    This one looks like a 14ft+ net and looks pretty heavy. No distance but perfect throw.
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    You must focus Grasshopper!
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    No braille lines and i'm guessing very light.
  • aquaholikaquaholik Posts: 331 Deckhand
    I throw both ways shown here but instead of lead line in mouth, I toss it over the shoulder. For 10ft+ net, the triple load is a lot easier but the triple load does not work well with smaller 8ft net. It tends to overpower it. Better distance with smaller net using the lead in mouth and net split in half method.

    Triple load:


    Lead line in mouth, net split in half:



    More effort with the latter part and net doesn't fully open as easily as the triple load.

    The above was a 10ft Cracker 3/8 inch mesh, 15lbs net.
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    That throw was glorious...
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    **** that would be nice for those mullet that stay just out of range.
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    if you cant pancake a 10' net every time regardless of the load then you dont need to be throwing a net. those lil asians are straight pancaking what looks like a 14' net. braille lines or not, those nets dont look very light.
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    Man that second videwas beautiful. The first was impressive, but the second was artistic.
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    Yeah...I throw my kinda heavy 10 footer about a whole 2 yards off the front of my boat :rotflmao about 1/2 of a turn of the body and normally waylay the pogies, usually over a 100 in one cast, and I don't get wet because I don't do the over the shoulder thing, I load it up all in front of me and let er fly :cool:
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    by the time he is ready to throw the net the bait is long gone LOL...
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    very impressive.
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