Rod holders?

Jmt2404Jmt2404 Posts: 188 Officer
Ok, so I have a Native Ultimate kayak with the propel drive system and it doesn't have any stock or aftermarket rod holders. So, I have been debating on getting a couple rod holders. I currently have a milk crate that has 4 pvc pipe rod holders that work for the majority of the time but I'd like something that I can adjust in order to put the rod tip down to coast under docks and low structures. Also I need something to put up front that I can get to easily or store a rod after I catch a fish... What are you guys using as rod holders and what do you like about them? Any advice would be very appreciated.


  • 1simplemann1simplemann Posts: 200 Deckhand
    I've tried a couple. What I ended up with was the Quick Draw rod holder from Cabelas. I wanted something that was reachable, allowed for quick access, and not in my paddle stroke. Also mounted 2 behind me as well. 4 total. I can reach the ones behind me and they slide out easily. No contorted positions just to get them out. the ones in the front come out easily as well without having reach uncomfortably. Hope this helps
  • davederbdavederb Posts: 887 Officer
    I have a different yak, but have geartrac and a yakattack zooka tube and love it. Easy in and out, locks a rod, and unlimited angles.
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  • Jmt2404Jmt2404 Posts: 188 Officer
    I like those zooka tubes. I need something cheap and basic so those fit the bill. I was also looking at these too.. anyone used them?
  • pond725pond725 Posts: 35 Greenhorn
    I have the slayer propel also, mounted two bazooka tubes on each side of the round cup hatch behind the seat. and also have a bazooka tube on the rear rail that I use for trolling.
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