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Miamimuttonman Report The day time mangrove bite and recent catches

We have been having a strong current most days, making fishing very hard to the unexperienced, in some trips it has defeated, the ability to hook the fish that bite and we have ended up with less fish in the box. Not every one can pick up this technique proven to work day after day and brake their own habits, they have had for years, all in one trip. for example knowing when your weight hit bottom and stopping your line, to keep the weight from moving , under heavy current flow and setting up on a circle hook or on a yellow tail, after a hit. Here are some pics of our latest catches from Miami. tight lines. IMG_8821_zpsb2d59008.jpgIMG_8823_zpsaabb3049.jpgIMG_8825_zps3696bcd3.pngIMG_8817_zps814c7b95.jpgIMG_8830_zpsde850265.jpgIMG_8831_zpsd3e51887.jpgIMG_8833_zps10ad3f1f.jpgIMG_8832_zps742c443f.jpgIMG_8834_zps1b6d4112.jpgIMG_8836_zps4973a10b.jpgIMG_8819_zps56e3d1d5.jpgIMG_8840_zps1d55265c.jpgIMG_8841_zpse05c74a5.jpgIMG_8844_zps9aa8b37d.jpgIMG_8845_zpsb77316ff.jpgIMG_8875_zpsc6dc959e.jpgIMG_8876_zps41d25f3e.jpgIMG_8877_zps4ae4c78a.jpgIMG_8891_zps2b805e1c.jpgIMG_8893_zps70fda2bb.jpgIMG_8895_zpsab473930.jpg12c2bc06-fcca-446e-aab4-95a847679c34_zpsa5cc33b7.pngIMG_8897_zps5ae1df0b.jpg


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