Help With Garmin 70dv plotter/sounder brand new and cant get accurate GPS coordinates

Reel Gator 2Reel Gator 2 Posts: 137 Deckhand
I like the Garmin 70dv and bought one after using it in simulater mode at store...JUST had it installed yesterday and took my handheld with numbers to start inputing. Lo and behold the Garmin is WAY off by 20 miles or more on some of these spots.
Before any of you start talking about the GPS being locked does show correct coordinates of my boat in the driveway and signal strength appears good. What am I missing? I can call Garmin tomorrow (Monday) but wanted to start putting a large number of spots in the I figured somebody out there knows the answer and it does come preloaded with Bluechart g2. Help?


  • Reel Gator 2Reel Gator 2 Posts: 137 Deckhand
    Got the answer I needed.
  • FS DanFS Dan Posts: 2,351 Moderator
    What was the answer?
    it might help someone else who's having a similar problem.

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  • Alvin AAlvin A Posts: 315 Deckhand
    Yeah, don't hold out...what was the fix?
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  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,650 Moderator
    .Let me guess they were entered wrong. There are a couple of ways to enter LAT- LON`s . We are waiting..
  • CountryBumpkinCountryBumpkin Fla. Piney WoodsPosts: 1,403 Officer
    Don't know what the OP's fix was, but I know having the wrong Map Datum set in it will make it show you weird things.

    And you may still get good return repeatability from numbers you saved in it by hitting the "store or event" button. But numbers your friends give you or you get from somewhere and manually enter will be way off, unless you are using the same Map Datum they were.

    Most in our area use WGS 84, unless using a chart that specifically tells you otherwise.

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