Dania to Deerfield Drift.. 8.22.14

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Randy, Chris and I meet up and got some bait. Headed to Dania for a 6am launch:nono. A few kayakers on the beach getting ready, we loaded up netted some whitebait. Chris then busted out a bunch of blu runners. loaded on bait we hauled out. Current was smoking so cab ride it is... we made it to Deerfield pier by 11am. total tally 2 kings, 2 bobo's, cuda, mutton, blk grouper, n a sailfish... it was a awesome day... :thumbsup


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    Sweet. The current's been smoking like 3+ knots down in Miami too.
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    Nice catch and drift.
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    Solid day with some killer current out there Potty. Last weekend was the same deal with the current. Launched out of Dania and in less than 30 minutes, Stephen and I were past Port Everglades. We had no choice but to come in thru the channel. Busted my left peddle and was pissed :banghead otherwise we would have kept going at least to Commercial. Nice load for the "plastic navy".:thumbsup
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    Nice. You guys just land by the pier, call a cab to take you back to dania and then drive back and pick up your stuff? I'd be a little afraid people would steal my stuff.
  • SkunkLifeSkunkLife Posts: 545 Officer
    You put your scariest looking guy with the stuff to watch the gear.
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  • SkunkLifeSkunkLife Posts: 545 Officer
    Nice job Robbo
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  • JanosJanos Posts: 219 Officer
    Did you guys used a drift bag?Just wonder how much is that would you slow you down?
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  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,793 Captain
    I went out of Pompano on Friday and had the same thing....smoking current. Could not fight it, so just went with it to boca raton inlet, then back through the inner coastal waterway back to hillsboro inlet. It was so bad that even the bolo charter boat went in Boca to go back to it's dock at hillsboro. Atleast once I got in the inner coastal waterway the current was favorable all the way out the hillsboro inlet. Once I got back out the inlet the current was managable all the way up to 45' deph of water, after that, it was again smoking too fast to hold ground in. At the end of the day ended up with 2 kings and alot of exercise. A drift bag is only good for countering wind, in this situation the bag is going to drift just as fast as the kayak.
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    I do use a drift sock when alone, and it's for a 20+ft boat. I don't like the kayak drift socks way to small. And yes we always leave someone behind to chill on the beach and watch the ladies I mean kayaks. It makes for a very long day but worth it... why fight ur way back. When we do it, its at least 3-5 guys. Makes it easy on the wallet. The cab ride can get pricey.
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    sound like a fun day
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    Drift chutes slow down your drift from the wind only. If you are in a current , the drift chute drifts along with you and the current. If the wind is blowing against the current, adding a drift chute would actually make you drift faster.

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    pics of the fish or it didn't happen
  • ProduktProdukt Posts: 592 Officer
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    Nice job! :thumbsup
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    Great pics and nice meeting you today man !! Hope you don't mind me posting my scrawny looking mutton pic lol.
  • warbird226warbird226 Posts: 36 Deckhand
    I would love to fish with you guys. Do you all post here when and where you are meeting?
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    bugdoc wrote: »
    If the wind is blowing against the current, adding a drift chute would actually make you drift faster.

    Only if you are already drifting in the direction of the current, but if current is weak and you are drifting in the direction that the wind is pushing you, The bag should slow down your drift.....:Sinking
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