tarpon action on bonita beach

GabberyakGabberyak Posts: 12 Greenhorn
Hooked and landed this 60# tarpon.

tarpon video 005: http://youtu.be/IFHweHqsYdc.

tarpon video 004: http://youtu.be/fkDwSXa-l1E.

short video is the beginning, thought I lost him on the last jump. Stopped the video and found that he was still on. The long video is of many jumps and him at yak side! Enjoy!!


  • Poseidon10/31Poseidon10/31 Posts: 936 Officer
    Cool, did it live?
  • GabberyakGabberyak Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    Yes sir!! Swam away fairly quickly.
  • JanosJanos Posts: 219 Officer
    .That is I think every kayak fisherman's dream.To catch a tarpon and see them jump.Awesome.
    2015 Hobie Outback.
  • gheenoemangheenoeman Posts: 43 Deckhand
    Awesome video! What were you using?
  • GabberyakGabberyak Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    Red and white doa baitbuster. 30# braid and 80# floro. On a 7' heavy rod and 4000 penn fierce that was destroyed. Very fun!
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