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troutman97troutman97 Posts: 81 Deckhand
Hey guys hope everyone is enjoying the summer. I am looking for some help on putting together a shark outfit from the beach. I recently purchased a Torsa 30 which is the reel I intend to use. I understand this isn't a huge reel and I may be under gunned at times but I am fairly new to this game and would like to use some of the current gear I have. I guess my main question is about rod choice. I have been looking at the Avid Series surf rods 12'H rated for 6-16 oz. I think my options may be limited to a surf style rod, as my access to a kayak will be limited. Does anyone have any input on a certain make or model? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tight lines.


  • Steve WSteve W Posts: 613 Officer
    If you can cast it 30-50 yards you will catch sharks.

    I use a Penn 555 and 12 foot rod I bought off ebay. I was using 30lb suffix mono but after I got spooled I got 65lb braid.
  • troutman97troutman97 Posts: 81 Deckhand
    Thanks for the input Steve.
  • Harlan27Harlan27 Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Yea I have a penn senator 6/0 it gets the job done for shark fishing off the beach so ur reel should do the job but I never cast my bait out,u can just wade out in the water 30-80 yards out and use fresh bloody bait u will get a lot more can also do what ur want to do: cast the bait out I personally have a kayak to paddle the bait out
  • Harlan27Harlan27 Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Nice catch!!
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