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BACKYARD COPPERHEADS - And a Grass Carp on Fly

Got off work early for a change and decided hangin out in the house wasn't an option. Grabbed the phone and called up my neighbor to set up a trip to the backyard for another shot at a Carp on Fly. We beat on the Bluegills while waiting on the Grass Carp to come around. Plenty of dinner plate sized Gills around. They were being difficult but, in the end they eventually succumbed to bread balls on a flat line. By no means complicated stuff. When it's right there in the backyard though, it beats sitting on the couch. Eventually, a Carp came by and my neighbor Craig put a Fly on big girls nose. She inhaled it and was off to the races. Pretty cool stuff.

On a side note, i recently found out one of the ponds in my neighborhood is overrun with Oscers. There is a mix of normal red and black colored Oscers and then there's a few albino ones mixed in. My neighbor was telling me that they pull pretty hard for a fish their size. They were definitely all over hell. The ponds infested with them.

The fly Craig likes throwing them is ridiculous. The guys over at Black Fly Outfitters sell it and it's called a "Bread Fly". It's basically a cube of Styrofoam with a clump of Buck Hair attached to it wrapped around a tiny hook. The fish are pretty accustomed to being fed bread so they explode on it like it's their last meal.












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