Horeshoe Beach Hot an Heavy (Epic Day) 8/8/14

Went out with the wife today on the hunt for red fish. High tide was 1pm and we were hoping for favorable weather. We put in at Shired Island and were on the water by 10:30 AM. The plan was to head a decent ways north, but an ominous thunder cloud forced us to hit some creeks early that had not produced in quite some time.

The thunder cloud may have saved the day, because the first creek we hit had more activity than I have seen out of there in almost a year. A steady stream of live shrimp kept the bite on fire, and within an hour and a half we had (3) 19-20-inch reds, an 18inch sheepshead, a 28 1/2 inch red we released, and a 24 inch black drum we released.

At high tide the bite died down for about an hour and a half and we hit some of the other creeks with no luck. Decided to fish the outgoing where we had our early luck, and the bite was on again! Hooked up with another 19-20 inch red within 30 minutes, and had a number of bites and a couple big fish that managed to spit the hook, even pulled a small trout out of the creek, which I don't see too often this time of year.


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