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OceanBreezeOceanBreeze Posts: 15 Greenhorn
Dive mask and snorke
There are too many dive masks that are crap. What is a god brand to use for recreational snorkeling? Snorkel as well.
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  • subpaysubpay Posts: 30 Greenhorn
    Any good dive shop should help you fit the right mask in lieu of that; place the mask on your face and breathe in through your nose. If the mask pulls a vacuum and stays on your face without the strap on the back of your head it fits if not try again until you find one that does. I have a fat face with deep lines from my edges of my nose to the corners of my mouth the really expensive models (read 179.99) won’t fit but the $40.00 mask makes a great seal... go figure. Also give some thought to trying the mask in a pool with your snorkel or reg in your mouth as that changes the shape of your mouth just enough that it might cause leaks. Hope this helps and good luck!
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