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Yamaha Solas Prop 4 blade SS for Yamaha 150-300 $225.00 OBO

knotenoughknotenough Posts: 936 Officer
SOLAS Propeller
Stainless Steel High Performance Propeller
4 Blades
Rotation: Standard
Pitch: 17
Diameter: 14 1/4
Engine: Yamaha
Extremely Smooth and Quiet!

Includes the Solas Rubber Hub System which minimizes vibration.

Dynamic balance and CMM 3-Dimension tests ensure the propellers precision, which contributes to smoother operation in acceleration, cruising, and top speed.

This prop was on a 2003 Yamaha 150. Made the boat perform a LOT better!! Sold the engine and upgrading to a Suzuki. Whomever buys this will get FREE OF CHARGE a prop lock as well.

PM me or call or text me at 904-314-0077
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