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Crystal River Offshore 7-31

Had some friends asking when the best day to go was last week, and this time of year is hard to plan the weather. As of last week today was the best so it was our day to plan to go. Still looked perfect for rain chance and low wind. Left from Ocala then picked up the boat to get gas. Got on the water a little after 8 to see a nice start to the day so I figured we could search a new to me area 22-25 miles out. Seemed to be a better area to troll for gags than bottom fish, but I'm not big on trolling especially with our boat and 4 people. But we managed 3 keeper seabass and two keeper reds one being huge for less than 35ft of water. Wasn't alot for grouper at any of the areas I tried but did keep everyone busy with the constant grunts and seabass. I've been warned not to go to 40ft+ because of the fish kill so I didn't, I also didn't see any fish floating as far in as we were. Hopefully that's over with and the population wasn't affected too much. Went in for scallops around 1 and they are getting pretty thinned out and it was deep where we stopped making it difficult but great to cool off before heading home with a little bag of scallops, grouper, seabass, and grunt.

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