Work Bites............

divn4$divn4$ Posts: 1,530 Captain
Had to chase this guy off before we could clean a boat bottom up the New River in Ft Lauderdale


Go Navy.....


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    Alligators are almost always eager to move off.

    Did you ever see the UF researcher out in lake at nite w/headlamp on, in the water up to his chin & hundreds of Alligator eyes reflecting in a flood light?

    This week PBS showed researchers diving with Nile Crocs.
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    I'm not askeerd of gators because they don't like to eat muscle and bone. Rich, on the other hand, had better be careful around them gatas. :grin
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  • divn4$divn4$ Posts: 1,530 Captain
    Alligators are almost always eager to move off..

    I still don't like em.......

    Go Navy.....
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    divn4$ wrote: »
    I still don't like em.......

    I love em....
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