Snook fishing w/ Capt. Bill Nast in Yanketown

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Well I finally got a chance to fish w/ Billy!!! It was a last minute kinda deal but everything happens for a reason and I met him at Yankeetown Marina this morning at 6:30! I've been snook fishing for a long time all over the state but I have to say I've never had a day like the one I had w/ Capt. Bill this morning:hail!!! I hooked and fought huge snook on a light spinning rod w/ 10lb braid and 50lb leader> Just slightly undergunned for these Monsters but Bill assured me he does it all the time in fact we were using his rods!! These fish weren't just slobs, they were smart slobs just like all the Big Snuke I've encountered. In fact the first 6 or 7 I hooked were on topwater (Spook) lures and either threw the hooks, ran me into and around rocks and snags or had me on so long they wore through the 50lb leader!!! I was beginning to think I wouldn't land any but Bill kept encouraging me and I finally did get a nice one to the boat where Bill was able to grab her! Surely only half as big as a couple Momma's I had on earlier, I was still happy as hell!!

The Young Man in the photo is Tristan Thomas, son of Missy Thomas who some of you may know as Capt. Ed's better half! Well as we were getting ready to go this a.m. Missy drove in to run the Marina and had Tristan w/ her. He came over to say hello and Bill asked him to go w/ us. He said no because he didn't want to get in our way but we insisted that he come telling him that one of our greatest joys is seeing Young people catch fish and become the future of our sport! What a polite kid he is and was he truly added to the whole experience!! His face says it all holding those fish I think!!

I ended up landing two snook at 38"~39" which I was totally happy with!!
When the tide started to get a little low for Snookin, Bill suggested we go look for some Big Uglies which by this time I really didn't want any part of after being beat up by snook for several hours! I did want to see Tristan catch one so I said sure!! When we got there, it was an incredible sight! The water was only a couple feet deep and super clear where hundreds of drum were doing what drum do> tailing, bumping into each other, splashing and frolicking around! It was really cool just to watch them! Bill rigged the rods w/ a hunk of crab and in no time Tristan was hooked fast then Bill looked at me and handed me a rigged rod> How could I say no to this Guy? So for the next 30 minutes or so Tristan and I did the Drum dance, You know over under then under over as these beasts swam past each other! When they finally came to Bill's hands he estimated mine to be around 35lbs and Tristan's at around 30lbs!!! Talk about icing on the cake!! On the way in we took a slow ride back up the river to Capt. Ed's drinking some cold drinks, reliving the epic moments we had in the morning and enjoying one beautiful river!! As we turned corner Tristan said "Look at the size of that Gator" and about 100' ahead of us a Dino-Gator was swimming from the bank out into the river! Billy guessed him to be over 10' long and all I can say is he had one Big **** Haid on him!! Then we cruised slowly along the banks looking at the bottom as Bill explained the whys, hows and whens watching fish after fish swim by! We also saw a "Pod?" of sea cows getting frisky, thank goodness they stopped when they (about 6) passed us by!!
I just can't say enough about Bill, a true Southern Gentleman who know's this areas and how to fish it better than anyone!!! I could kick myself in the **** for not hiring to take me sooner!!! I learned more about snook fishing here in the Nature Coast in one morning form him than 4 years on my own!!! I highly recommend you to book a trip w/ Bill, if you can get one> He's a busy guy and now I can see why!!!

Oh incase I didn't mention it>>>> I HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!
Here's my 2nd snook!!!
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