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boxerdaveboxerdave Posts: 51 Greenhorn
Finally received my two Feelfree lure 11.5 this morning. Its gonna kill me to wait until Saturday to go give them a test ride. First impression of them is that they look well made.....nice bright the "wheel in the keel" for moving them around the yard. C'mon Saturday.....hurry up!!


  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,333 Moderator
    nice. also let us know if the keel-wheel is of any use on anything but solid smooth surface. I looked at this design a while back and figured one would still want a cart/beachwheels for soft sand or gravel.
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  • boxerdaveboxerdave Posts: 51 Greenhorn
    Will do. They moved with no problem on the loose gravel in the driveway so I hope it holds true on all surfaces. Although deep sand I'm sure will be an obstacle. Not many beach launches down here so I didn't consider that a deterrent for me. I'll let you know as soon as I can.
  • JoeyHotFizzleJoeyHotFizzle Posts: 225 Officer
    Congrats man! They look great! I tried my luck yesterday after work on some lobster. Saw plenty of little ones but most of the big boys are gone. It was still very enjoyable though.
  • boxerdaveboxerdave Posts: 51 Greenhorn
    Took them out Saturday from the Koehn rd. launch on BPK. They are bulky and a little heavy but getting on/off the roof rack was simple enough. The wheel in the keel was sweet for rolling them down to the water. The roadway was hard with some loose gravel but it rolled very easily. No fishing just screwing around getting a feel for them. Jumped in and out of them in shallow and deeper water....very simple getting back in ( perfectly calm water of course). I thought they handled well....seemed to track straight. You are more likely to actually fall out of the yak before you tip these things. Standing up was a piece of cake especially with the seat in the highest position. Seat is extremely comfy. Wife didn't complain once!! She also stood and paddled like she was a pro and not like someone who has never been in a kayak before. I can see that fishing is going to be a pain in the butt with having a paddle in hand most of the time. I was spoiled by fishing from a Native Mariner Propel earlier this year. I'll most likely still look into a Hobie PA or Native Propel for the fishing aspect. But for paddling to a small key or to a nice snorkel spot these Lure 11.5 are going to perfect. Very stable, very comfortable, decent speed.
  • Poseidon10/31Poseidon10/31 Posts: 936 Officer
    What is the axel in the "wheel in the keel" made of? If it's not stainless, which it should be you may have corrosion issues. Double check that. You could always hit it with CRC or corrosion block from time to time if it's not.
  • boxerdaveboxerdave Posts: 51 Greenhorn
    Good tip poseidon....I'll check into that....thanks!
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