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Jupiter Sails July 30

So I have been following the forum since we moved down here last summer and figured we finally did something worth posting. I have enjoyed all the post and it has been very helpful to a guy new to fishing in South Florida.

Today we broke the inlet a little before 6am and headed to 40' off the church to get bait. Our plan was to target sails since we had been mostly meat fishing of late so we loaded up with a dozen Gogs and a couple dozen sardines in about a 40 minutes.

We started our bump troll spread in 300' straight off the pier and had a mystery fish eat a gog on the long about 15 minutes later. The fish took two hard runs and then sounded. He drug us in to about 120' during the 30 minute fight before he broke the leader. No chaffing so we don't know.:huh

Back out to 300' and the first sail is hooked up. We worked from 300-350' all morning and ended up going 6 of 8 on the sails and were done by 11am with two sets of doubles in the mix. :grin

It was an epic day for me with my two boys and we thanked the Lord for joys of his creation. The fish were really grouped up north of the inlet and we actually had a triple on for a few seconds with 3 of us in a bay boat which was pretty interesting.


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