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Dasher Boys get the Bug

We took the skiff down to Key Biscayne this am to do a little lobstering. I had not been to that area lobstering in about 15 years and from what I understand a lot of my spots have silted over. I reached out to a long time member here for a little help in pointing me in the right direction. She gave me what sounded like a too good to be true area which I really appreciated.
We were on the water about 7 and Crandon ramp was very calm and orderly. Got to the area and slowed down. Gregg looks over the side and says, "there's one crawling around" and jumps in. I'm thinking yea right. Up he pops with one that was legal by 1/2" which is a nice one! We couldn't believe it. We worked that area and had 28 by 9am. Went to a few other spots and finished around 1pm with 43. Very few were close, most were very nice size. We worked from 5'-20'. Gregg got the biggest at just under 4lbs. Really, the boys did most of the catching, I didn't even need to get in the water but I still had to show them the old man still had it.
We had a fantastic day and were back home by 230. Thanks again for the help L
!! We really appreciate it.




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