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Living on BPK Time 7-30

Just a quick trip report from the Lower Keys....we left our dock at 5:20AM, pitch black and very nervous running in total darkness for the first 30 minutes or so. Really was rolling gulf side due to some storms that blew through and we had quite a challenge free diving with rolling waves horrible viz and tons of current. Almost coughed up a lung several times snorkeling and hunting for the wonderful and very tasty Florida spiny lobster....Mrs. LA had some moments as well but she was sure the trooper and thankfully came through big time.:grin:grin. We ended up limiting out in a couple of hours :cool:and are chilling out dockside...actually its hot as hell, nothing chilly here. Thankfully had no issues with any crazy boaters even though there were a ton of people in the water. I did hear a young 22 yr old died while diving today in 40 feet off Pompano Beach:angel

Enjoy the pics and hope everyone has a safe mini season.


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