Looking for recommendations for someone who lays tile. Thank you


  • MenziesMenzies Posts: 19,289 AG
    Member King 1 - Atlantic Coast Tile and Plumbing.

    904.997.3278, 3653 Regent Blvd., Suite 305, in Jacksonville – just off Beach Blvd, by FSCJ.

    We have used him on five bathrooms. No issues.
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  • Beginner's LuckBeginner's Luck Posts: 320 Deckhand
    Versatile, Steve Smith, 904-333-0976
  • F1D2F1D2 Posts: 331 Deckhand
    X2 Atlantic Coast Tile and Plumbing

    He's done 2 bathrooms, kitchen and main entrance. Quality work.
  • samsiam74samsiam74 Posts: 2,215 Officer
    Nahas Polimac 904/553 4355

    My father in law and that is all he does, custom tile and stone. You can find cheaper but you won't find better quality or craftsmanship. If it's made of tile and or stone, no matter how big/small or intricate, he can do it and is simply amazing. He's done tile and stone work all around the world because of the quality of work he does.
  • RizzoRizzo Posts: 50 Greenhorn
    Give us a ring. We have some super deals on tile going on right now. We also have several pro installers and we guarantee you will be satisfied.
    Flooring, Custom Baths and More
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