Redfish help

Ok, title says it all. Now, normally I'll be happy to get what comes when i am out, but the thing is, I've been really craving sauce piquante. I could buy the redfish, but from my gatherings it's gonna be rather expensive and could use a few overall.

Now the thing is, not looking for secret honey holes and the big kicker is I can't just go target them since I'm regulated to shore. Any help on how to target them more effectively at this time of year would be great.


  • chronicbreakchronicbreak Posts: 635 Officer
    Have you tried soaking bait under the Atlantic Blvd bridge? No secret it's a redfish hole. Flounder can be targeted there as well.
    National Marine Fisheries Service
  • SpongkingSpongking Posts: 959 Officer
    Have you tried the guana dam lately? Catch it early on the south side of dam and use cut mullet, live, muds, and shrimp. See what theyre nibbling and stick to it. Ive had great mornings there 1 after another. But it turns on and off quickly. Right time right place and bring a buddy so 4 can go home with you in case you nail em

  • CoydogCoydog Posts: 418 Deckhand
    Thank you both on suggestions!
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