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07/27/14 Unexpected Bite

Around 11am my son, his girlfriend, my wife and I put in at Stuart Causeway. We had planned on running down the coast to scout for some bugs but we were met at the crossroads with some rain. As we were headed out the inlet I figured that we would go around the rain and head a little offshore. Well the rain seemed to be chasing us so I figured lets visit the sandpile to see what was going on. Since I didn't plan on fishing I had only brought one rod with a flairhawk. As we get to the sandpile the bait was all over as were the porpoises. My son wanted to amuse himself by throwing the jig and chucked it as far as he could. Well, the line starts screaming and I figure its a porpoise. Never figured the flairhawk would get eaten. After several runs the fish shows itself and its a huge Kingfish. After a porpoise tried to take a chunk out of it he freelined it and fought it for a while longer. I finally came boatside and I stuck it with a gaff. . I think I pissed off the porpoise since it followed my boat for at least 15 minutes after he caught it. I never got a good weight on it but figured it to be around 50lb or so. Didn't expect that.


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