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On board was my son Anthony and myself. Got to ramp at 530ish decided to wait for bait guy and bought 20 greenies a little on the big side. Decided to head to bull shark any ways to catch smaller baits got a dozen or so sardines, was pleased with what I had then headed east. This was about 645. Started running and found nothing of interest to stop no weeds no rips , at this point in the am. So got to 2 miles of the hill put the spread out for an hour or so and produced nada . Pulled everything up and headed further in search for something to fish. And once again nada. Got to 600 ft ledge then went south headed to loran. Still nada. Scratching my head at this point . Got to loran and headed west into shallower waters. And still nada. Couple of scattered weeds and that was it. Put the spread back out at the 300 ft ledge ( loran) and nada. Now I'm starting to think what to do. Looked at my son and said go east . Got to 1200 ft found some scattered weeds holding bait and drifted there for a while. Nada. As I'm hearing on VHF pat the day maker limited out on cobia . At 65 ft. So started my track back west . Found 1 boat in 900 ft catching schoolies. So I barged the party and was able to pick up 3 of my own phins. Worked the area for an hour or so and picked up 4 or 5 more undersized so threw em back. Then called as it was close to noon. So headed back in and found rip after rip after weeds after weeds. I was like u have to be kidding me, no where found in the morning. And now it's everywhere . I just smiled past them and threw it the finger. As I was racing in to beat the storms.



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