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Snapper hot, Redfish not so much

Took out Brit and her friend for both of their first inshore trips today. Bait was not on Cockroach bit we ran south and loaded up on net wreckers. Hit the Snapper hole and it was game on. I was too busy baiting, re-rigging, and unhooking fish to get much action myself but the girls were having a blast. They got over 30 fish to the boat but stupid me forgot the fish cooler at the house. I did keep 5 in the livewell so we still got dinner.


The tide picked up so we headed inshore for some Redfish. We pull on the flat and there are schools of Reds pushing huge wakes EVERYWHERE. We tried for an hour hoping they would turn on but they never did. Britt got the only Red of the day and it was her first one. She is ready for some more already.

Waiting on a rod to bend:


Well after 45 min with nothing but 1 Red and 4 Trout to show we ran to Little Harbor for some burgers and Margarita's. After lunch the wind picked up but had 1 stop nearby I wanted to try and ended up with 3 dink Snook. Off the water at 1 and now just relaxing with a cold beer. The Snapper saved the day though.


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