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NoBull-1 Report - SLI - 7/26/14

My son Adam and I wanted to try to make the best of the last day of ARS season today. It wasn't to be for the Reds, but...

Cleared the inlet at approx. 06:30 and headed straight to the Sand Pile where we easily loaded up with Sardines. Big schools of Cigar Minnows were also present but didn't want to touch the Sabikis. :huh Blackened the livewell with Sardines none the less in about an hour and headed to north 8 Mile Reef.

Did three drifts over irregular bottom in 73 to 80 feet of water to check the drift before dropping anchor . Due east at a snails pace. Picked up a nice keeper Mutton on the drift. Dropped the hook just west of one of the 75 foot lumps. Anchor line came tight pointing directly towards shore. Probably due more to the gentle offshore breeze that the current. Somewhere close to 11:00 we swung northwards, the bite stopped and we reset the hook (first time using a float ball. SWEET!) south of another little 75-78 foot structure pile.

Action, except during the swing, was pretty much non-stop. The first Mutton to ever come aboard, 3 or 4 short Black Seabass, 4 little Sharpnose sharks, 3 Cobia, a Remora, and a 7' Nurse Shark. That's all I can recall at the moment any way. We had a number of missed bites, bite offs and pulled hooks a well.

I was reeling in my second Cobia of the day, a short, and a second, bigger one was trailing along. Adam tossed a jig and fish on. Didn't fight at first. I knew mine was a short so I netted it for an easy release. As soon as I netted the little guy and began to lift it from the water, big brother went nuts! I dehooked the little guy still overboard and in the net, inverted the net and off it went. Readied the gaff and waited for Adam to work it alongside. In the box for a limit.

The Nurse Shark was interesting. Didn't know what I had on he line but I knew is was heavy and hand to work to get it off the bottom. Was hoping it might be a big Grouper but no such luck. Pretty much a slow steady pull with only one brief head shake while still deep. Until the head shake I was beginning to fear it might be one of those giant Stingrays we've hooked into at the sand pile before. Adam was leaning over with the GoPro ready when he said "I don't know what it is, but it's really big". I was still leaning back and had to wait a bit before I could lean forward to look. Just saw the light brown shape in the depths. Another few feet towards the surface it became obvious. Circle hook in the corner of the mouth. Adam tried briefly to us the gaff as a dehooker. FAIL! Cut the leader and off it went.

The bite began to slow again about 12:30 so we pulled anchor and make a few drifts over another hump. Another couple of missed hard bumps and we called it a day. Headed home with 2 nice Cobia and a Mutton for the table. Good day. We're really getting to enjoy the bottom fishing game!

Video link:
EdgeWater 185CC / ETEC 150


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