Ponce 7-26-13 Hookin up Rookies

Fished with my nephew Ben and a friend from Philly who has recently relocated to palm coast Wayne and his bro in law Bill. I spent the day before rigging tackle and extra leaders cause this aint my first rodeo. Got to the ramp early 510 am and of course they are lost.:banghead as the boats were starting to come in I said to heck with it and went ahead and launched her solo.:crossed Luckily I didn't hold anybody up as they were staging:):fishing. They finally made it and off we went twas a little sloppy and windy we made bait and got to the spot. After some coaching on ssnatching :nonothe circle hooks away from the fish some tangled linesbirdnest reels:banghead and some where the fish just won we managed to get our limit. Moved away from the spot for some seabass and after a couple keepers I could tell they were done cause there weren't any baits going down. I pulled out a couple trollers rigged some old hoos and ran 3 poles. Dang if we didn't catch a nice cow and a little later a schoolie:cool: that hit the flatline then went and got hooked on the shotgun line that had a bird followed by a hoo with a seawitch. Got back to the ramp handed them all the fish they asked if I was gonna clean them for them.:rotflmao:nono Ha I said start learning. Packed her up and headed to the house. This was the biggest fish they have ever caught I was proud to put them on them but DTM is beat. Talked to them this am and they have a apt at 11 for a local fish house to clean there fishies:grinIMG_1195_zpsd7d23bd2.jpg[/IMG_1200_zpsd3df7c87.jpgURL]IMG_1203_zps65d82a2a.jpgIMG_1208_zps5689b392.jpg
and that's how we roll.


  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 19,737 AG
    Nice!....and good thinking on going on the troll...You spent the fuel...might as well and try and maximize the day.
    There are many roads to travel
    Many things to do.
    Knots to be unraveled
    'fore the darkness falls on you
  • dtmdtm Posts: 327 Deckhand
    Just noticed my reel laying on the side of the boat ready to fall over another rookie error
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