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Action Craft owners vs. Egret owners tournament



  • Bad behaviorBad behavior Posts: 1,162 Officer
    You know the saying "great minds think alike". I have a Duramax too. The other part of the saying is the saying is..."and Fools never vary".

    We if we have shing-ding this Oct. at Duck Key we'll go wet a line. Just don't bring the fat chick from the home depot that wanted to get in your boat.:grin

    I think I saw her in Tallahassee riding a scooter.... Fat chics on scooters make me smile:devil. Probably have to put a camper on the back of the Duramax to tote her big a$$ around. Yea man...that would be cool. Never fished down there but I'm game!!
    Need a little time off...For Bad Behavior....

    2014 Egret 2011 /Yamaha 250 SHO - sold
    2019 Pathfinder 2500 hybrid 350 Verado
  • mbowersmbowers Posts: 496 Deckhand
    Dear Sir,
    A seasoned angler such as yourself with such vast knowledge of inferior vessles. Should know that the high society of Egret owners either plan the trip home from a fishing expiditions as be be conviently in the path of a rain storm on they way back to their villa. Or upon arriving a crew of bucket toting boat washers decend up such a beautiful vessal as an Egret to wash and shammy dry. Prior to carfully rolling it back into the garage! that is unless you happen to be a SOAP Dogger.!

    Unless you pre soap the boat before the rainstorm you too are a SOAP Doggiestyler! :)

    Does anybody know if it is better to wash my boat with water from a softener or R.O.?

    R.O. by far. Softener water still has plenty of minerals in it, water softeners just swap sodium for calcium.
  • Reel nutReel nut Posts: 32 Deckhand
    Cairo, why not just do it up here off the Georgia Coast? I passed an A/C last week in the sound. It was a little choppy, so you know he had to slow down and then stop to wipe off his glasses after he crossed it, he said something about getting spray or something, I don't know what he was talking about.
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