No ARS, but these two guys followed me home.

I left the inlet at 6:30 Friday morning and headed for 90 feet of water looking for snapper. It was a great morning, I was able to cruse at 30 mph and had a nice ride. After that things went to pot at the first drop. We had nothing but sharp nose sharks and grunts. We were getting ready to leave when the first Cobia came over the railing. He was right at 40 inches. That is the length of my fish box. Not 10 minutes I hooked into a nice fish. I thought it was a grouper the way it fought. No running around, just a bulldog fight to get to the bottom. After about 20 minutes the second cobia come over the rail. This guys tail was sticking out of the fish box. I put 20 pounds of ice on one fish and 16 pounds on the larger fish. My boxes are not insulated so we monitored the ice and when it was half gone we headed for the house. We were home by 1:30 and cleaned fish and washed the boat for the remainder of the day. Now I just want to relax and have a beer. Maybe another beer. Never did find an ARS but the two cobia will do.


  • Net 30Net 30 Posts: 1,007 Officer
    Not a bad consolation prize at all!
  • Look Out BelowLook Out Below MiccoPosts: 3,820 Moderator
    Thats great!
  • cflcyclepartscflcycleparts Posts: 212 Officer
    Not bad at all! Very Tasty, enjoy!
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  • PoppopPoppop Posts: 181 Deckhand
    Great catch. Also great eats.
  • catchme1catchme1 Posts: 235 Deckhand
    Don't u just hate that when they don't fit. Yea I heard a lot of zero's on snapper's including me.
  • CliffdwellerCliffdweller Posts: 33 Greenhorn
    My boat was in the shop for a repower so I missed the first three weekends. This was my only snapper trip. Maybe I will have some better luck next season, whenever that will be.
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