Homemade sling shots, bows and pole spears

Was messing around in my free time wondering if there was cheaper ways to bow fish or make spears instead of buying them. Don't know if they will work but I put them all together in less than a week and for less than $50 for all of it. Made a pole spear from a old fishing pole and the tip from a garage sale sign wrapped with fishing line then super glued. Really the cheapest way to make one only bought the exercise band that you shoot it with. I bought a few so I could reuse the extra for other things. I'm sure there's better ways to make each one but thought I'd share what I've done so far to see if anybody else is trying to make some and maybe these will help. The pvc bow is perfect for kids to practice with instead of buying an expensive bow. Only cost $5 for the bow and $3 for an arrow.

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  • NOEreelIDEANOEreelIDEA Posts: 98 Greenhorn
    That is some redneck ingenuity. Wonder how the sling shot and arrow would actually work
  • VertigoVertigo Yankeetown, FLPosts: 617 Officer
    I've made a few PCV bows and they work amazingly well, especially for the lower draw weights needed for bow fishing. Rigging an arrow retrieval line is probably the hardest and most expensive part, but do it right or you may have an arrow fly back into your face.
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