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The old mechanical camera release

FlashFlash Posts: 11,193 AG
Dang, any use for them anymore. I have several lengths that I used in my Wedding years, but can do nothing with them now that I can think of. :shrug

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  • FibberMckeeFibberMckee Posts: 12,837 AG
    Made a variety of interesting long time exposure photos using tripod, an 'Old Mechanical Camera Release' & traditional B setting.

    Set up on dark lawn at night & had girlfriend walk her St. Bernards around while I used flash to create huge herd of the big dogs.

    Set up at night in field full of Fireflies & was amazed that what had looked random, revealed the Lightning bugs traveled in lanes between dense clusters of activity. The images showed large clouds, connected by busy streams & also little visited areas.

    Set up at night during electrical storms it was fairly EZ to capture incredible images of lightning.
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