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Strong Sailfish action continues with a few Wahoo for good measure 7/24-25

The steady Summer Sailfish action continued this week for us as fish bunched up to spawn off Jupiter. Bait have picked up as well and it seems like the sardines are a lot happier this week. Bait was readily available in front of Jupiter if you can get to them before the onslaught of boats start pounding them. The trick has been to find some bait off to yourself and string them up before the fleet arrives to help you. If you are looking for bait and see a bunch of boats clustered together, take the extra time to roam away from the pack and find a school to yourself and you'll be done a lot quicker in the long run.

This week we fished offshore two days in a row late week and one day early week to catch 3 Sails each day as well as a couple of 35-40 pound Wahoo yesterday which were prematurely released at boatside as my guests tried to get underwater video of them! I was not especially happy to watch them swim away but the customer is always right and we did get the video! Another 40 pounder made it into the box midweek to take the sting out. Yesterday we also caught a 10-12 pound dolphin so they had dinner at least.

The Sailfish which have been out in 200' early week have seemed to move inshore of the edge into 100' just north of the inlet and we saw numerous pods of fish on top finned out in groups of 3-4 doing their courtship ritual. This time of year it pays to be ready with a pitch bait when you have a fish near the leader as most fish will have one or more others in tow if you look closely. This is how you turn a one fish day into a three or four fish day in the summer. Strike while the iron is hot.

Here are a few shots of fish doing their thing to enjoy.

I still have a few dates available for the August moon if anyone wants to get in on the action. Sails, Wahoo, and Blackfin tuna should cooperate through the end of August.

Also, my new website and Facebook page are up and running if you care to take a look.

Good Luck!

Capt. George LaBonte

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