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Tampa bay redfish and tarpon

Today we launched the boat at cove cay Marina around 9 am after getting the boat off the trailer we realized there was a large thunder storm behind us we ran the boat around to my freinds house and took shelter for about 1 hour it wasn't that big of deal cause we had to wait for hide tide cause that was when our best bite was going to be. After the storm passed we headed tword our first spot for black drum along bridge pilings we didn't find the drum this time but we did find a ton of crabs about hand size perfect for tarpon and reds so we loaded up on them got about 20 big crabs and headed for the high water spot when we arises the water was still coming in but at a perfect hight we cut up fresh lady fish and split the carbs in half and threw them out by this time it was about 12 or 1 about 10 minutes after the crab hit the water the rod went off it put up a fight almost like a catfish but when we got it close to the boat it woke up and realized what was happening and took off when we got it in it turned out to be a 27 1/4 inch red after a photo release we threw all the poles back out and got anouther red the boat that was a 26 inches a few fish later and we left around 3 pm all in all it was a good day we caught 3 reds lost one tarpon and 2 mystery fish
Redfish 26, 27.1/4, 28.1/2
Snook 0
Tarpon lost
Jacks 4

By: nick m.
Backcountry 201 completely restored/ 250 yamaha/ power poles/ minn Kota/ lowrance HDS
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