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Sand Key Park Pass between Clearwater and Bellair

Good morning everyone,
Looking to do some Snook hunting after work. Planning on just walking indian shores/bellair beach. I have been seeing (not catching) dozens of snook there on the weekends and wanted to switch it up and try some afternoon evening fishing. Did a little Google Earthing and saw the pass and the seawall on the south side of the pass. Anyone have any input? Should i try the seawall or just stick to the beach?

Thanks for any input!


  • cseng123cseng123 Posts: 365 Deckhand
    I fish around there quite frequently for snook. You should try both. Sometimes they are on the seawall, sometimes on the beach. Its one of those things. I would catch some live grunts or jennies and fish both the seawall and beach. Once it gets dark, you will see all of the snook under the bridge lights, and usually you will get at least 1-2 good chances of landing a big one.
  • nymetsfan8131nymetsfan8131 Posts: 96 Deckhand
    Right on,
    After checking the tides i think ill start in the pass then walk the beach. I've never fished at night, but i appreciate the tip, I'll try it out. Thanks man!
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