Juno, man in the grey suit.

CannibleCannible Posts: 358 Officer
Let me start of by saving, I have had some really bad ideas. This one come's close to the top.So I hit the beach at 5:30am perfect timing. The bait is so thick typical summer Juno pier morning. I didn't have the right sabiki so it was tough getting them to eat. 1 blue runner and a couple of deans. As I look at my gps Juno sits in 20 1/2 mile drops to 50-60, then for about 3 more miles straight 70-80 after that it's a straight drop to 250. I troll this blue runner which is about a pound thinking it's bonnie proof I was wrong. This thing fought for 10 minutes peeling off drag and all that. Disappointed to say the least. I don't understand the bonnie couldn't even fit the runner in it's mouth. So after that episode, I make my way out to 250-300 nothing but bonnies:banghead. Until my flat line goes off, 15 minutes 5-6 miles later this huge sharks makes it's way into my view. break him off right then and there. As begin fishing, Almost everything I hook gets destroyed by this shark. He follows me for miles even chasing my jig back to the yak. Then it gets even better, the wind pics up and so does the current going in the same direction. Luckily after paddling for 2 hours a couple in a passing boat offered me a tow back to the pier. Thank you guys so much saved me so much trouble you don't even know.


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