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Another thing off my bucket list, Bottom Fishing off of Destin

I heard about the great bottom fishing off of Destin so I decided to trailer the Twin Vee up there this year instead of our annual trip to the Bahamas. I hired a guide named Rodger. He is a great guy and a great fisherman. We left Destin Pass at 6:00 am last Sunday and quickly loaded up on live bait. I never saw so much life in the water just outside the pass. We blackened out the well in about 30 min and headed for the fishing grounds. We headed to an area that he called the edge. It was a beautiful day and were able to run pretty fast with 1 to 2 ft seas.
We quickly started catching some really nice Red Snapper. Too bad we were in Federal Waters and had to release them. We caught about 6 all in the 15 pound range. Boy it killed me to let those fish swim away. Anyway they all survived and swam back to the bottom.

We fished a few spots in that area then moved a few miles and quickly add a nice red grouper to the box.

We ended up with 5 gag grouper all in the 15 to 20 pound range and one that was 30 pounds, one nice red grouper, and one stud 20 pound red snapper.

It was worth the trip from Hobe Sound and I will be back next year to fish with Rodger again.


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